Cinthia Fernandez and her poignant phrase after asking if Fede Bal looked sexy: "I imagine it in balls and I'm dying"


An unexpected conflict broke out between Fede Bal and Cinthia Fernández which even promises to achieve justice. Far from being reconciled, the new panelist Los Angeles Morning he devoted a sharp sentence to her when, as to the appearance of the actor's images of kissing a young woman, they asked if she thought it was sexy.

"Oh, please, that shirt and the little hand back …" he threw the vedette after seeing the pictures of the jacket and denying that he had anything with the son of Carmen Barbieri. "Does it look sexy to you? Fede Bal", played at point-blank range Angel of Brito. "No, no way, I imagine it in balls and I'm dying, it's very strong in the morning," he said. Cinthia Fern├índezstrict.

No truce!


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