China Suarez was recorded singing beautiful but gross … and look what Lali Esposito said!


In a break from Argentina, land of love and revenge, the actress was hooked with the last hit of her friend.

La Suárez China and its video singing Beautiful but rough of Lali Esposito

Six days after being released Nice but disgusting, the theme of Thalia and Lali EspositoYouTube already has more than 13 million views and one of those that go crazy for the problem is nothing less than China Suarez.

In a high of the recordings of Argentina, land of love and revenge, while he retook the vintage hairstyle that will lead in the new novel Polka, the actress was filmed on Instagram singing the theme of her friend while a hairstylist and Julia Calvo, actress who worked with China and Lali is Almost angelsThey danced around him. And the response of the singer soon arrived!

"I love you all," wrote Lali in Instagram, while showing in his own social network the video of his excompañera of teen Angels chanting his last great success.

He dedicated it to him! Look at the China Suarez singing Nice but disgusting in Lali Esposito.


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