China released its first footage on the far side of Chang's lunar landing and 4


China became the first country to land successfully on the other side of the moon, also known as the "dark" side of the moon.

It is commonly mistaken for the dark side of the moon, for it is the side that faces the Earth and much that is unknown.

Chang & # 39; and 4 landed inside Von Kármán Crater on January 3, 2019 and also successfully implanted his rover, the Yutu-2.

We have seen photos of Chang and 4 and Yutu-2, which offer panoramic views of the surface of the moon and prove that the "dark" side of the moon is not too dark.

The China National Space Administration has released a video that portrays the soft landing of Chang & # 39; and 4 on the surface of the moon.

The first sight we see from this mysterious side of the moon.


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