Child got sick with leishmaniasis in a city near Concordia – News


The Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay (MSP) confirmed the first case of leishmaniasis in humans in the neighboring country, with a visceral case in a child living in Salto, a city located in front of Concordia.

Although it is officially stated that the minor's medical condition is not serious, he will receive treatment under strict medical control established in the diagnosis, treatment and control guideline of the disease.

The statement states that despite being a potentially serious disease, it is treatable with medicines available in the country and with favorable evolution provided that it is treated in a timely manner.

The most frequent symptom "is the presence of fever for more than 15 days, with no other reason to justify it." In this situation, the recommendation is to consult the doctor as soon as possible, adding that "in humans is a disease that is present years in the countries of the region," specifically in Brazil and Argentina.

Since its appearance three years ago, it was known that the occurrence of the disease in humans was expected. In Uruguay, the presence of the disease in dogs has been detected since 2015, mainly in the departments of Salto and Artigas, although there have also been four cases in the city of Chapicuy, in Sanducera, where dogs were identified that arrived from Salto and did not infect the dogs. 230 local dogs were examined last October.

An MSP Epidemiology team went to the area to complete the investigation and coordinate actions with departmental authorities and technicians, among them the search and control of the transmitting insect of leishmaniasis and the deepening of disease control actions in the region. dogs, with the support of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the UdelaR Medical School. It also works with the National Emergency System of Uruguay.


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