Chau WhatsApp: The application will have the Vacation Mode function


WhatsApp continually incorporates new features. According to the transcript, the application incorporates vacation mode.

Being the most popular messenger application, it is the preferred medium by friends, family, or co-workers they seek to communicate. However, sometimes the number of messages that accumulate can be abusive. For this reason, the application of vacation mode so that recess can be fully exploited.

With the new feature, messages will not be seen when the application opens, thus eliminating the temptation to open workgroups or study partners.

However, chats are available if you manually enter the archived chats folder.

According to the technology website WaBeta, Holiday Mode pretends that group chat is still sleeping, but content is archived and can be accessed at any time.

In addition, it is specified that with Holiday Mode, archived conversations will remain invisible to the user, even when notifications arrive.

At the same time, it was highlighted that the user can choose all the chats he wants to stop seeing and in which he does not want to receive notifications to archive them, knowing he will not see them again or know nothing unless he deactivates the mode. (


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