Chaco Hoy – WEEKLY PANORAMA: the embarrassment of the province's Criminal Justice


Judge of Guarantees nº 1, Maria de las Mercedes Pereyra tried to throw a rope to the mayor of Castelli, Oscar Alberto Nievas, after the surprising resolution of the Federal Court of Appeals that annulled the consultation to the Municipal Council of Castelli to be able to arrest the communal head.

If Nievas' intention to avoid arrest is upheld, he will have to appear before Judge Zunilda Niremperger. The political movements ended up giving him time, although the discussion eventually led to the resolution of the Federal Justice company. He has no choice but to go to jail.

The scope of the habeas corpus signed between the Gauls and the midnight Judge Pereyra evidently does not have the impact that the mayor Nievas discounted. This explains why so far does not appear and that his whereabouts is unknown. The doubts that the National Gendarmerie had when they were notified of the habeas corpus dissipated immediately. "They have an order and they have to comply," Niremperger told the gendarmes.

At the time of asking for his arrest, the fear of the Federal Justice was that the mayor of Castelli could disrupt the investigation. How many more days remain hidden or undelivered, also make it clear that you have the money and the means to avoid the action of Justice. His own stubbornness and the "help" he receives are playing against him.

Much louder was the silence of the intendants who are grouped around Domingo Peppo. Since the act of Villa Angela, who had denounced a supposed persecution and had even been encouraged to ask the resignation of provincial officials representing the space of Gustavo Martinez. Some think they may be next.

The same Peppo who asked for "justice also for the traitors" also remained silent. They recommended that he urge Nievas to surrender. For now, the only thing that came out of the Government House was the habeas corpus strategy.

The situation would be more delicate if it was confirmed that it left the Ministry of Government. The brother of the intendant intending for the Gendarmaria, Martín Nievas, represents the Executive in the Council of the Magistracy that also has to judge the judges,

At dawn on Saturday, the resolution of the federal prosecutor of Judge Pereyra, Patricio Sabadini, announced that he would ask the jury for her. One can imagine that Minister Martin Nievas should be inhibited. It would be advisable for him to resign definitively to occupy this representation of the Executive. In the investigation of the Washington III that reaches the intendant, they detected properties bought in condominium with the minister. The investigation also seeks to know the origin of the funds with which the patrimony of the communal head is composed.

Nievas applied for a license as mayor for more than three months. Pio Sander, counselor, was in charge, but there are ways to run the council. The succession of protests from social movements has always focused on claims to the provincial government. The question now points to the municipality. Castelli may become ungovernable.

The movement that sought to secure freedom by the province's criminal justice intervention is on its way to provoke a conflict of powers that would have to be resolved by the Supreme Court. In that case, the embarrassment would be complete. It is not understandable that the Superior Court decided to remain silent without exercising its power of oversight to avoid accumulating more discredit.

Provincial judges have demands to receive the same salaries their federal peers receive. They ensure that they perform the same task. However, the criminal court of Chaqueña never investigated acts of corruption until the Federal highlighted the cases of Washing I, II and III.

The habeas corpus took the issue one step further. Do not do anything to go against the arguments in federal cases investigating corruption.

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