CFK deprivation: Stornelli has asked PJ senators "to re-read the law" – 12/20/2018


The Chamber I of the Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires confirmed on Thursday the trial with the preventive custody of Cristina Kirchner, in the cause of bribes. The former president is accused of being the head of an illicit association, responsible for commanding a state structure for the collection of illegal funds. With this failure, Federal judge Claudio Bonadio will ask the Senate for the immunity of the former president.

In this context, the prosecutor of the case, Carlos Stornelli, in dialogue with TN Central (Todo Noticias) He sent the Peronist senators to "reread the law" before the observation that they would not lend themselves to dealing with impeachment because there is no firm conviction in CFK.

"If there is a written order from a competent judge, they should try the impeachment" commented Stornelli.

"In my opinion, it would have corresponded (the request for immunity) when (Judge Claudio) Bonadio dictated the resolution, I think the judge wanted to make sure that the Board approved," said the prosecutor. And he added: "So far they have been barred from going to jail (…) I have faith that the institutions will work ".

In relation to the search for money involved in the case, Stornelli said that they point more to the view of a "atomization of money" (for example, real estate) than to the search for "a treasure chest." "We have to give up this fantasy," enlightened

However, he added on the possibility of buried silver: "There are people who commented that in some financial transactions they received wet tickets to transfer, they are color data, they may suggest that the notes have been subjected to extreme humidity conditions. "

And he slipped: "There is data that allows us to suspect there is money."

Regarding Judge Bonadio and the explosive left in his house, he said: "I was afraid of Claudio; my guess is that the fact was linked to this cause, they searched for someone disguised as something else to disguise it. "


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