Centurion Intimidated Race – 02/27/2019


Racing has no peace with the situation of Ricardo Centurion. Exactly the day Ricky decided to return to social networks to deny rumors about his possible exit from the club, and make it clear that he will not make any decisions until the end of the league, a new bomb exploded that places him as the protagonist: He asked the Academy to clarify his work situation because he believes he is generating "serious prejudices of a personal, sporting and professional nature."

In the letter of the letter, which arrived at Avellaneda headquarters, the pamphlet gives a period of 48 hours to solve the problem and warned that, if not resolved, will take legal action to obtain effective protection of your rights. That is, get freedom of action. On the other hand, he anticipated: "I keep tasks to the full and complete satisfaction of my subpoenas and placements taken here."

Centurion, who was separated from the first class by his push to Eduardo Coudet in the game against the River, is training with the Reserve since Tuesday, February 12. In recent days, a new controversy was generated because he was late for a workout and began to circulate photos of a night before training. In addition, it was considered the possibility of giving a loan until the end of the tournament, but both the club and the player discarded this possibility.

In addition, Centu assures that he was not informed in writing of his sanction and stated that he does not know the reasons why they decided to apply the punishment: "This constitutes a disciplinary sanction indeed, of which nothing was notified in writing or irrefutable , nor do I know the causes, nor their terms and scope, nor their validity and extension of time. "

Next, we analyze the highlights of the letter of the document:

"Since February 11, 2019, I am separated from the top soccer team of his institution by the imposition of his technical secretary, Diego Milito, because I was informed and maintained his imposition despite my immediate and express rejection."

"Compelling me to carry out my training with a smaller division than the one I reviewed, contrary to my professional category and sports training, causing me serious and ostensible prejudices of a personal, sporting and professional nature."

"To constitute a disciplinary sanction in fact, of which nothing has been notified in writing or in a reliable manner, nor know the causes, nor its terms and scope, nor its validity and extension of time."

Ricardo CenturiĆ³n intimidated Racing.

Ricardo CenturiĆ³n intimidated Racing.


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