Cautioned by lower sales of 0 KM through savings plans


Cars 0 km.

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Cars 0 km.

According to what they explained from the Association of Automobile Dealers of the Argentine Republic (The face) attribute the contraction to strong rise in vehicle prices after the devaluation of the peso against the dollar.

In the case of those who have already presented themselves, the problem escalation in quota prices because the values ​​are subject to updating the model until the part is finally settled.

In the case of those who already have access to the 0 km, the difficulty is difference from the value of the official list, which is used for the plane, and the heavy discounts that can be accessed through the purchase of money.

For this reason, Acara considers that there is a delicate inaction on the part of the automotive industry and that this "requires a quick action, through options such as lengthening purchase periods, extending bonuses to savings plans and improving long-term rates."

They also ensured that the previous savings plan is an anti-crisis product that "does not fulfill this function due to the impact of devaluation and inflation".

Looking at 2019 in Acara, it is argued that the movement of economic and financial variables enacted in the middle of the current year caused a sharp fall in sales and, as a result, the sector accumulated a stock of 260 thousand units not sold between concessionaries and terminals.

This last number – according to executives – "represents sales in the first 5 or 6 months of 2019".

This excess inventory has led automakers to rectify production cycles until the auto market stabilizes so that vehicle promotional prices are extended during the early months of 2019.

Therefore, car prices will rise again until the second half of next year, until reaching the "equilibrium price in dollars."


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