Catherine Fulop hit with her curves on the beaches of Fiji


Catherine Fulop traveled to the Fiji Islands with Marley and Mirko to be part of the next broadcast of "Por el mundo", on Telefé.

Looks like Catherine Fulop He is always going through his prime. After years of showing her training and sharing her beauty secrets and feeding tips with other women, the actress and hostess has the luxury of posing in a bathing suit at age 54 and stealing all of Instagram's eyes.

Catherine Fulop He is using his sculptural figure in the Fiji Islands, where he traveled with Marley and Mirko to be part of the upcoming "For the World" broadcast on Telefé.

In your Instagram account, Catherine Fulop I shared a photograph in a paradisiacal environment and I wore a tiny golden bikini that surpassed the 60 thousand likes. "This Sunday #porn with @marley_ok and @mirko_ok by @telefe," posted the beautiful Venezuelan.

"This incredible Caribbean loin is a bomb and the woman who carries it is a beautiful person," Inés Estevez said in the same post, which also commented Ova Sabatini: "Uff! Bella"

But not everything is the color of roses in the life of Catherine Fulop, who closely follows the delicate socio-political situation that crosses Venezuela and where part of his family still lives.

A few days ago and as a guest on Mirtha Legrand's show, she said, "I do not think the marches will end with the regime, but people can not get off the streets." He even berated the lunch diva for having Hugo Chavez sitting at the same table (years ago).

"I always remember when you sat Chavez here.I do not know if you remember that I was here Macri (Mauricio) and there you sat Chavez.And he was charming," he said.

Catherine Fulop. "Yes, he was lovely, he even sang a tango," recalled Mirtha Legrand. "But the snake charmer," the actress added. Then Mirtha made an unexpected revelation: "Catherine called me to reprove me." "Yes, I called because I know that if you were a Venezuelan, you would not vote. It was a long time ago," concluded Cathy.



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