Carla Peterson and a selfie that provoked the reaction of her followers – 01/12/2019


2018 was undoubtedly a great year for actress Carla Peterson (44) with her lead role in the daily "100 Days to Fall in Love" (Telefe) hit produced by Underground.

January is a time of rest and vacation for the couple of deputy Martín Lousteau (48) and this is demonstrated in their social networks. His followers, accustomed to seeing his makeup and arranging some photo production, or ready to start shooting a scene, were pleasantly surprised.

The actress shared a selfie with a washed face, visibly relaxed, without using any filter from the social network, and wrote: "So, just the lines that time leaves, but soft." The sun beyond and my heart full of love Holidays # transparent ".

The photo soon added thousands of tanned and love messages applauding Peterson's initiative. One follower wrote, "Beautiful, no filter, for more real women."

The praises have multiplied: "This is the kind of woman who fills all women with pride," was one of the many comments in the post that in a few hours exceeded the 60 thousand that I like.


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