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Cariñosa's photo by Luis Novaresio and Braulio Bauab

The journalist shared an image with his partner during the rainy night that hovers in the city of Buenos Aires.

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The romance of Luis Novaresio and Braulio Bauab still marching on the ruins behind the past days agitated by the revelation of their love bond during the past month of September, first with a flashy photo of the journalist with an adornment that provoked that in the first place it disrupted, and with, the official confirmation from their relationship through the other picture that officially shows them like new ones.

During the rainy night of Ayer, the conductor of America, La Red and A24 decided to return to show part of his intimate life in the social networks and share a romantic photograph in what was taken in a sillón and very caught his partner. , to which he dedicates a message to the person who explicitly expresses his happiness for being able to share time with him over an exhausting workday.

Cariñosa's photo by Luis Novaresio and Braulio Bauab

“Qué dia”, the rosary journalist wrote in the section of his Instagram stories about the postcard he dreamed with the real estate entrepreneur, increasingly releasing his private life in the profile he kept for so long , and in consonance with the joy that causes him to be able to shout to all four winds that he is enamored of Bauab, who is the priest of a baby of a year and medium called Vera based on the system of coparenting.

Cariñosa's photo by Luis Novaresio and Braulio Bauab

Before flanking your relationship with Braulio, Luis He explained the love speech I made in Martin Fierro of Cable 2018 by commenting that his family does not feel comfortable with what he is famous for. “My family is already well known and we have done some times. ‘Mirá, it's all good with you, but I'm not interested in it, 'and then I took this story,” he said midway through an interview with Florencia de la V.

According to the news, once you confirm your novel, I received congratulations and also a spicy compliment from journalist Julia Mengolini, who on her visit decides (America) to cheer on her face.and “su novio is fuertísimo” and I took it off.

Cariñosa's photo by Luis Novaresio and Braulio Bauab

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