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Care to avoid ear infections during the summer

Care to avoid ear infections during the summer

The Ministry of Public Health recommends consulting an otolaryngologist before beginning the swimming or vacation season near the sea or the river to control hearing health, and avoid using swabs to remove water or wax, as this promotes the entry of bacteria

"It is important to convey to the public that they do not use the famous swabs because they traumatize the skin that covers the ear canal. By prematurely removing the last layer of skin that protects this duct, it is much more vulnerable to bacteria," explains medical professionals .

"In addition, if they are wax holders (wax plugs), they end up pushing to the back of the ear and their removal is more difficult," they added. For this reason, people who are prone to having wax caps, should go to their doctor to extract it properly.

In any case, to avoid getting a wet ear after an afternoon pool or beach, experts advise the placement of an alcohol droplet that allows the rapid evaporation of water that may have remained in the duct and do not use a cotton swab.

They also warned of "self-induced" external otitis, ie those produced by maneuvering with fingers or fingernails to remove water.

Otitis is an infection or inflammation of any part of the ear caused by different microorganisms. There are two types: otitis media and otitis externa. The latter is otitis of the swimmer, an inflammation of the external auditory canal and the external auditory canal. It can be caused by water or trauma.

The main symptom of external otitis is ear pain, blocked ear sensation, itching, and sometimes ear suppuration. If these symptoms appear, the doctor should be consulted immediately.

Otitis media involves the middle ear that is located behind the eardrum. It is very common in childhood and, in general, the cause is infectious.

How is an external otitis treated?

Otitis externa is usually treated with eardrops that contain antibiotics and steroids to reduce swelling of the ear canal. It is important to follow the doctor's instructions correctly.

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