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Capcom was the 2018 most qualified company in Metacritic

For some years, the outlook has changed favorably for Capcom and many of its titles have gotten a good response from the players. In addition, the results in terms of criticism were very good for the Japanese company's offer and that is why it became the best qualified Metacritic in 2018.

The platform that compiles the criticisms and qualifications of the specialized video game media, Metacritic, unveiled its list with the best evaluated companies in 2018 and the first place was for Capcom, which represented a very important advance after finishing in fifth in 2017 A the Japanese company was recognized by Metacritic as the best qualified last year thanks to its average of 79.3, obtained after registering positive ratings in 5 of each of the games launched during 2018. Specifically, Capcom's best evaluated game last year was Monster hunter in its version of Xbox One, which scored an average of 90, while the favorite title of the Metacritic community was Okami HD in its version for Switch, which obtained an average of 8.7. In addition, the game with the worst Capcom average on the platform in 2018 was Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 to Switch.

Regarding the qualifications of other major companies, Metacritic revealed that the third place obtained by Electronic Arts was supported by the great reception of FIFA 19 on the PS4, averaging 83, while the preferred title for the community was An outlet in the PS4, with an average of 8 and the title with worse classification was Faith on the Xbox One with 70.

For its part, Nintendo was ranked fourth thanks to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which averaged 93, while the community's favorite game recorded a draw after averaging 8.7 for Bayonetta + Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freezing and Octopus Traveler. As for the worst game evaluated, Kirby Battle Royale He took nasty recognition after his average of 57.

Finally, Sony was placed in sixth position and its most qualified game was God of War, with an average of 94, and a score of 9.1 by the community, which also became the favorite game of PS4. As for the game with the worst rating, Bravo Team, of the PS VR, obtained an average of 45.

The list of the most qualified metacritical companies in 2018 was as follows:

List obtained from the official Metacritic website
List obtained from the official Metacritic website

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