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Canapino: "This is much more extreme than you can imagine"

The reef completed its 24-hour Daytona experience with the Juncos Racing team in 30th overall and 8th in its class. Far from complaining about not being able to return before the end, he appreciates the opportunity to learn and tells the reason why he got out of the car. Regarding the future abroad, it clarifies that it does not depend on it.

The experience I experienced this weekend Agustn Canapino, certainly being something difficult to overcome, besides the pains and the final classification of the Cadillac team number 50 Ricardo Juncos, which I shared with Rene Binder, Will Owen and Kyle Kaiser.

The Argentine made his debut in a long-term competition and in his first foray into motorsport outside his country, nothing less than in a traditional race and with a rich history as 24 hours from Daytona.

The end of the race was planned for him but things did not go as expected and the end with Red Flag took the chance of a late period. After the end of the competition, Agustn I spoke with the special envoy of Champions, Carlos Alberto Legnani (son) and left some details of his experience on and off the track.

"This is much more extreme than you can imagine, but the important thing is that I learned a lot, it was a great experience and learning, when I was standing I was very fast, times were good and it makes me happy."

On the physical consequences of the demanding career explained: "I'm fine, the only problem I had was that I had a setback at a time after my third shift and I suffered a lot of pain, the fact that I did not have the seat made and molded to my body because I could not travel in his I It was already recovered, had creams and others and was ready to do the last part, but everything changed with the rain, the race stopped and finished. survive in the hour of dawn when it started to rain and can be finished The 24 ".

What surprised you?

"The fatigue, the seat would have been another story, first it hurt me a little bit and I thought it would be the whole race, but it came together and at one point I suffered a lot of pain and had to stop and tell the team that I needed to recover."

What comes in the professional life of Canapino: "Now I'm going back to Argentina and I'm getting ready for Viedma, I also have to go through this and see what could have been done better, continue learning and start with the entire Tourism Road season".

At the international level, Canapino He made it clear that he does not depend on him and that economic support is vital to staying abroad "If you arrive you are welcome and if I do not have the experience of having run 24 hours from Daytona ".

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