Calu Rivero: "I won my battle"


He feels calm and eager to talk to Calu Rivero. Far from the moments when she preferred to avoid interviews to find calm and thus overcome the most turbulent moments, the actress surrenders hand in hand with Clarin talk about everything.

Of course, in no time appoint directly Juan Darthés and uses the expressions "what happened" or "what happened to me" to refer to the traumatic experiences that he had to live with the actor during the tape recordings Sweet love (2012).

"I've already won my battle, that is, being on the set and feeling confident, feeling that I came back to what I love most is acting … I see everything positive", Calu, who today, at 10:30 p.m. Bells at night, the new Telefé track. Fiction that marks his return to TV after he made the decision to move away from Dulce amor, at that moment with the first excuse he found at hand: "Study English in New York."

– It took more than six years …

"It takes a little while, but when you talk and get rid of that weight that does not belong to you, you're healthy.

And when the healthy is beautiful. I stopped acting because I could not trust and feared it would happen again, something I did not want. But when you walk away and are not absorbed by pain, you understand everything, trust in yourself and say, "I am an actress and I love you." The only thing I appreciate about everything that happened to me is that it made me realize how an actress role of the woman I want to represent in a novel. And here I put it into practice.

In Campanas at night, Calu is Luciana, a girl "very controlled" by her family and who in her adolescence witnessed a femicide that marked her. In addition, it maintains a relation of violence and submission with Vito, the personage of Esteban Lamothe. Everything begins to change when she meets Luis (Federico Amador) and seems to find in love the exit from the "bottom", as she says.

"The interesting thing about this character is to see how people, even those who love you as your family or your boyfriend, can confuse you, to the point that you really do not know who you are. And it seems important to me as self-love her and her strength to distort this situation are related, "contributes the actress, with a bottle of water from a foreign brand as the only tool to face the prevailing heat in Buenos Aires. Account that opts for this option to avoid using plastic and then in the middle of a photo shoot, will regret the excess waste present in a dike in Puerto Madero.

"You wanted your return to television with a strong female character?"

"One of the things that really struck me when I did this novel six years ago was that all the character's values ​​were connected to me. Also at that time most of the female characters were female objects. Then I began to question, saying, "What do I want to project as a woman with my characters? What message do I want to give? What about a woman object or that of an imperfect woman, with strength, with self-esteem?"

Complicated relationship Calu and Lamothe embody a couple tainted by jealousy and control.

– Did you require to participate in fiction with a more active role?

– These things come up. I like to get involved in what I do. And I felt very listened … I was settled in New York, had everything to stay, and that's where this project came to me. It was a difficult decision to make. But I said, "I want to be here, because everything I said I want to put into practice." And I think that, in order to modify many things that we are learning, we must also do from the example, in this case, representing a real woman. I feel that many girls will feel identified, because there are many situations that any woman lived.

– Do you consider yourself a reference?

"I consider myself a worthy person, nothing more. And that dignity made me leave where I had to go because I could not take it anymore. And everything that came later had no idea what was going to happen. And many things happened, from the moment I did not believe them, they told me to be a liar, I was tried … And then I had to go through something worse to say "Wow, it was true." This whole path made me more self-conscious. And it happened to me that I felt in a moment alone because I did not understand what I was living because they left you scared. But in the days has been embraced by a society, and with much brotherhood of women who have long been in this fight. They made everything much more enjoyable. What happens to me today transcends me, belongs to everyone.

"What does Darthés give you today?" How did you make your trip to Brazil?

– (Pause) I've lived what I've lived for more than six years. During those years it was difficult for me to reassemble, rebuild, understand who I am … One year ago I could put it into words and I saved myself. So I'm already somewhere else, a place of tranquility. But there was a lot of work to understand what's wrong with me and what my goals are. In fact, the last time I saw him on television was when I decided that I would not see him again.

– On the note with Mauro Viale?

Yes A level of darkness … With a very strong message, manipulating the victims with words that nobody wants to hear. I remember perfectly being in my house and saying: "up here. I do not want to read more or know more about it".

"When did you hear about Thelma Fardin?" What did you feel when you heard?

-I wrote to me through the networks … (Pause) He passed me everywhere. My breath stopped. Because you can not believe he did something much worse and horrible. And at the same time saying, "I knew this person was very dark." There was something for me … Not that I left because I did. Not! I could not have it in front of me. I mean, I did not want to record with him. It was something that blocked me.

"What was your reaction to her?"

"I felt the need to protect her. No matter what was mine, I cared about her, this is less than me, and what happened to her was much more terrible. I went out and went to how I can help her. First reassure her and tell her that the worst is over. This is the most important thing because the ABC of machismo is very simple. They put a judgment on you to silence you and scare you because you are afraid of a judgment and capable, or you do not have the money to pay a lawyer.

Then you shut your mouth. But everyone knows that silencing the only thing it generates is sickness and at some point it explodes. What I wanted her to understand was that I would be and that the time of one is the time of each one. Later I connected with other women who helped me to accompany her.

-How did the accusation you made with Argentine Actresses live?

– It was tremendous. I highly value the collective actresses Argentinas. Going out to talk to a group of colleagues is much better than going out on your own. That gives you a lot of peace of mind. We come together to change something that we all agree should change. It was possible to cross society. It was a very strong image.

-How do you accept the criticism that the collective receives?

-Patience They began to be five and was expanded. No one was trained to be an NGO. It was a necessary impetus to hold us and help us as we can.

Then let's go slowly. Today you understand that you need to be more political because you speak for a collective. But if we do not have patience among us, we will not change anything, because we will be judging ourselves. There, the media has a lot to do with it. If, after such mobilization, it weakens the Argentine actresses, where do we want to go as a society?


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