Calu Rivero: "I went through times when I did not know who I was, I lost my desire"


"I decided to do this because it has to do with the message I want to give and how I became aware of what I want to project through acting," he confesses. Calu Rivero about his return to television in the Luciana, a woman who delays her own desires and suffers gender violence in Bells at night, the new bet of Telefe.

"There are things that before I did not think of them, because I was smaller or because they did not speak. It is a project that for the moment we are living will make you learn, you will feel identified, will be questioned, will drop the file of something that for you, perhaps, was normal, "explains the actress, who returns to the girl after five years of removal after her resignation Sweet love to the harassment he suffered on behalf of Juan Darthés.

– What is the message that you understood, which you want to convey?

Women have rights, we are beautiful, intelligent, we like to read… There are many messages that have been made for thousands of years in novels like the girl who goes to the mall with her husband or boyfriend's credit card. I was very busy that these little stereotypes and cultural things are not there. Speaking on set, being able to speak, talk about women's desire. We can also question ourselves, saying: "We are the same, we have the same desires, the same needs, the same rights." In Luciana, fundamentally, the most important thing that I think is transmitted with this character is self esteem.

– You always felt this self-esteem, or at some point you were more loose with yourself?

Life is like this all the time and Sometimes you do not know who you are. I went through times when I did not really know: I lost my desire, I disconnectedThey asked me who you are and I really did not know what to answer. It all has to do with the circumstances that happened to you and how the system also invades you at some point. So for me, the most interesting thing about Luciana is that this process counts. Many times you see when they manipulate and hit, and there it is. Here it is: it happens to him, he hits the bottom, he goes to a very ugly darkness, but leave. Y the most interesting is how it comes out, all this process by her own love, by her strength, by the love of believing that love is not what she was seeing with Vito (Esteban Lamothe).

-After you lived and these five years away from television, do you feel there is a claim to return with this character?

It's wonderful how time fits things. And I say today, having spent those five years of much pain, much anguish, not understanding, feeling that I was totally judged, the pain of the family, I went through it. Today, healthy, and getting to take that backpack, which bothered my body, that did not let me go ahead, did not let me go to record because I did not trust my colleagues … There is a lot and everything is so related that it ends up working and you can not do anything, You start to blur who you are., and for me it is fundamental today to say: "Wow, all this happened to me today makes me a woman aware of what I want to have with this character, what I want to project on the woman who will see this novel of women I want to say ". Five years ago, there was no talk of more imperfect and real women, with a depth you can see today. Before that, it was the one that accompanied, the object, which clung to the pineapples with …

"Thelma Fardin had to appear so everyone could believe in you and apologize?" A woman had to count on this detail what she experienced and expose herself in this way so that the great majority, not all, but the vast majority had no doubts.

-I guess so It's a shame that the woman has to expose herself and the level of history she has to give to believe. All these prejudices. And at one point, we all have this responsibility. From how you communicate: when I spoke was "The catharsis of Calu Rivero", and no, was not to catharsis, was "The truth of Calu Rivero". There are ways that if we do not change all of them is very difficult because I may be very aware of knowing the character that I want to project, but if I run into a director who does not understand, that there is empathy, he can not feel what I want to express I'm going to stay there For the whole industry to change, we have to transform and fight with love.. The only way to change this is with patience. Think there are jokes that are said centuries ago, and what will you do? Just say, "Che, I do not like this joke". And I can assure you it's a little seed that you leave after saying it again and makes a noise. And the debates are generated in groups of all ages.

"Do you realize how important it was to all the women's movement that came after that you encouraged yourself to tell what happened to you?"

-I'm going to tell you something very intimate, but what happened to me in therapy in one of my last sessions, that was and said (to the therapist) that I do not believe, it happens to me that I see the whole situation and I say, "It's incredible". I see it as "How crazy that girl did it!" But it was hard for me to understand that it was me. He told me, "What happens is that you distance yourself more than you think." I thought it was very strong, and that's because It was beyond me, because I was a channel for many women to speak. Sometimes you have a role in society, and this was a channel to open up a consciousness that was not there before. From that side I'm happy, and I can not find words …

– Could you enjoy this character, this return to TV?

– Back on TV with a character that is exactly what I think you have to tell, show, it's a won battle. It's really back to the set, to feel at ease and happy singing in the car is really very. That's for me.

– Anything in Nicaragua change you with the accusation against Darthes or your work already done?

-I For a while I decided to be more than the circumstances I lived: even if I did not choose them, they happened to me, but that's it, I'm more than that. Five years ago I experienced, five years of pain, trying to rebuild myself. A year ago, I say and spent a whole year in which I came to a silence. I finished, that's it. It does not affect me, I do not care, because when you reach that healing it is much bigger and more beautiful than anything that comes from hate.


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