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In a decision that will surely bring public controversy, the 11-year-old girl who was pregnant as a result of sexual abuse perpetrated by her grandmother's partner underwent a cesarean delivery at the Eastern Hospital. "Eva Perón" of the city of Banda del Río Salí, in Tucumán, where she remains hospitalized out of danger.

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"A support plan for both the family and the child is critical and unfortunately, in a short time, it is the second case of child rape," he said. explained Fernanda Marchese, holder of Andhes (Lawyers and lawyers of the Argentine Northwest in human rights and social studies), in declarations to a journalism.

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Gustavo ViglioccoSiprosa's executive medical secretary merely reported to the court that he would activate the procedure and that he had formed a medical council. The official did not attend the consultations and the government did not issue a part to specify what measures will be taken in relation to this case with national repercussions.

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The pregnancy whose interruption depends on Siprosa was detected on January 31 at the primary health care center in the city of April 7. The girl had arrived at the establishment for a tummy ache. Prior to confirmation of pregnancy, the patient admitted that she had been abused by her grandmother's partner, who faced a criminal case at the Prosecutor's Office María del Carmen Reuter.

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The girl did not live with her mother because her mother's partner had abused her two older sisters (judicial sources reported that the perpetrator of these crimes was convicted and imprisoned). On February 25, the victim and her mother finally asked for a legal termination of the pregnancy.

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The request went through the courts, but Siprosa accused him of receiving it without a court order, as established in the case "FAL". That decision of 2012 by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation obliges the provincial states to proceed without needing to process the case, precisely to prevent procedural delays to prevent the exercise of the right to interrupt the pregnancy caused by a violation.


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