Cabré ate the mouth of Vigna and another round is coming


After the scandal over the photo on the bed, De Brito warned Laurita Fernandez, who did not see the scene.

Buenos Aires The plot of My brother is a clone again united to Nicolás Cabré and Flor Vigna. And it seems that another scandal comes with Laurita Fernandez, the actor's girlfriend, who has had a spicy confrontation with the blonde for a scene of both in the bed that she promoted in their networks and triggered a war that until last week faced in the runway , in front of all. The new image that is already giving much to speak was given on Tuesday, when the characters of Cabré and Flor ended kisses, very fiery.

In Los Angeles de la mañana they analyzed the scene and Ángel de Brito referred to the fiction with a lot of irony: "Look at the kiss. If he bothered a photo on Instagram …", the driver started. Always ironic, he continued: "He is well-behaved because they hate each other, but they kiss well."


This banana

Duplicating the bet, the journalist said that Laurita did not see the live images, since he was in the dressing room of "Dança" with other subjects. But the jury revealed another fact that many ignored. "The other day there was a scene that also caught the attention, which is with a banana. Coincidentally, Laurita peeled a banana in the" Dancing "and Flor Vigna also peeled the banana in My brother is a clone … They put winks of reality , okay, they do it in all fictions, "explained the driver.

Lourdes Sanchez, one of the panelists, threw more fuel into the fire and asked, "The owner of the banana Laurita?"



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