Saturday , October 16 2021

By uncertainty in the United States, the stock market in Tokyo collapses

Also affected by a strong yen increase (which harms Japanese exporters), the index Nikkei 225 fell more than 5% (-5.01%) to the lowest level since April 2017.

Hours earlier, the New York Stock Exchange posted heavy losses at the close of its session on Monday. Its Dow Jones Industrial Average index lost 2.9%, the most important drop in its history on Christmas Eve.

"I did not expect the market to sink so much"said Makoto Sengoku, an analyst at Tokai Tokyo research institute.Nothing indicates that we are near the end of the disaster"said the AFP news agency.

The reasons for this fall of the suitcases are numerous:The slowdown in the global economy, the consequences of the trade dispute between Beijing and Washington, the "closure" (partial closure of the administration) in the United States", Sengoku list.

But it is in Washington, where the greatest fears crystallize. So far as opposition Democrat leaders have accused Trump on Monday of causing "chaos" in the country on Christmas Eve.

"The stock market is plummeting and the president is starting a personal war against the Federal Reserve soon after firing the secretary of defense," he said. Jim Mattis, the top Democratic leaders of Congress lamented in a statement.

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