Friday , October 22 2021

By dedicating 30 years to cleaning the house, your ex will have to pay 8 "sticks" | Chronic


The Civil Chamber upheld a decision requiring a man to pay 8 million pesos to his ex-wife, an economics graduate who for 30 years dedicated himself to the tasks of his home.

The woman (identified as M. L. and currently 70) and man (identified as D. B.) were married between 1982 and 2009. They lived in Comodoro Rivadavia and later in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires. They had a family project based on the traditional division of roles: while the man worked, the woman was dedicated to raising children and housework.

"While the man worked, the woman was dedicated to raising children and household chores."

Victoria Famá, of the National Civil Court No. 92, had a gender perspective. "The economic dependence of the wives of their husbands is one of the central mechanisms by which women are subordinated to society …. In most families, women still bear the brunt of household chores and the care of their children, even when they perform some external activity ", indicates the fault.

In the year 2009 they separated and in 2011 the divorce was decreed. From that moment, the woman went through economic difficulties, while the man "Had a good pass".

The woman's age was another factor that was taken into account. "After 27 years of marriage, the employee left her at age 60, the age at which women obtain the retirement benefit, being deprived of entering the labor market", reports the text, based on what was stated by the author.

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The Civil Chamber decided to establish an economic compensation for the single sum of eight million pesos, in favor of women. "Summing up that I understand reasonable to rebalance the disparate economic situation of the spouses resulting from the marriage and their separation," the judge observed.

To calculate the numerical value, they were considered "The personal circumstances and financial position of the parties". It was also taken into account that M. L. is a professional who has given up his development to take care of things in the house, and it is detailed that the value would not be the same if the person did not have training or had not left his work to fulfill these tasks.

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