Buenos Aires PJ analyzes legal actions to prevent the increase of electricity, water, gas and transportation


With harsh criticism from the government, focused on the figure of the governor Maria Eugenia Vidal, mayors and leaders of the Justicialista party of the province of Buenos Aires they met in the spa town of Villa Gesell analyze the economic context and evaluate the possibility of carrying out various legal actions to stop the the rate increases.

After presiding over the meeting, the president of PJ Bonaerense, the mayor of Esteban Echeverría Fernando Gray, explained: "We are at a very difficult time in the economic and social. From Justicialism we will put a brake on the fees and we ask the governor to stop looking at his candidacy and work for the good of Buenos Aires."

"We have come to plan the legal actions we are going to take against the rate increases ordered by Vidal and Macri, which are destroying the lives of Buenos Aires and all Argentines", said the national deputy Fernando Espinoza referring in a timely manner to increases 32 percent in light it's him 38 percent in water.

The intendant of La Matanza, and holder of the Federation of Argentine Municipalities (FAM), Veronica Magario, continued to direct the main leaders of Let's change: "What both Governor Vidal and President Macri are doing is an ongoing outrage and suffocation for our people who can not continue."

The official statement from Buenos Aires PJ explains that the meeting also discussed how recession and inflation impact local production and trade. "Real fall of the workers salary, the closure of factories and small enterprises increase unemployment along with the collapse of the construction", says the document.

In addition to the economic analysis of the current context, the meeting of the Peronist referents was aimed at against the electoral division which is proposed from Vidal's environment. One of the mayors who participated in the meeting in Villa Gesell said that "the electoral system of the province is not in conditions" and extended its criticisms to the government affirming that "they want to perpetuate themselves in power".

Together with Espinoza and Magario, the host communal Gustavo Barrier accompanied by Fernando Gray, by Esteban Echeverría; Andrés Watson, by Florencio Varela; Gustavo Menéndez, of Merlo; Gabriel Katopodis, of San Martín; Ariel Sujarchuk, of Escobar; Leonardo Nardini, of the Malvinas Argentinas; Walter Festa, de Moreno; Mario Secco, of Ensenada; Francisco Durañona, of San Antonio de Areco; Oscar Ostoich, of Sarmiento; Hernán Ralinqueo, of May 25; Marcelo Santillán, by Adolfo Gonzales Chaves; Gustavo Arrieta, of Cañuelas; Gustavo Cocconi, of Tapalqué; and the provisional mayors Juan Carlos Veramendi, of General Paz; and José Luis Horna, scored by Roque Pérez.


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