Brito: "The dialogue between the river and Boca was cut" | River Plate



Nadir Ghazal

4:00 pm

The sequels that will leave the pace of this historic end are increasing, and the differences between River and Boca extend more and more as the hours pass. "If the two clubs were together in the decision and agreed, we would not go to Madrid. But the reality is that we were not in a position to decide anything "Jorge Bruito was so blunt in statements to La Red.

In addition, the vice president pointed very strongly to the Argentine Football Federation for his actions after moving to Madrid. "As Argentines, we wanted the AFA to make a defense, but I did not see any documents or requests to Conmebol ", he said.

From the offices of Viamonte, there were answers from Daniel Ferreiro, one of Claudio Tapia's spokesmen, who said that the AFA timely presented the complaints regarding the relocation, and that River was aware of all this. But Brito went quickly to the intersection. "I've never seen Blacksmith, and I do not know what he's referring to, they should never have allowed the game to be played out of the Argentine territory."

What is certain is that the relationship between the Major with his classic rival and with the mother entity of national football is increasingly tense, and The story promises more chapters in the future.

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