Borr is a message that reassures River fans


River is preparing to begin its participation in the Club World. However, Nez's cast leaders are already gearing up for next season that will have some casualties in sensitive positions. Rafael Santos Borr He is one of the players who could leave the team led by Marcelo Gallardo, but the Colombian transmitted today a message that reassured Millo's fans.

Is that Borr He announced his intention to continue at the club where his best football version was seen. I'm happy in River and I'm staying. I found a lot with myself here, the teammates were essential to grow, to support me and get used to Argentine football quickly; the South American elite is always demanding, this is a great family and I want to continue here, "commented the player.

As, Borr Confirm that you are not going in this transit market as planned. Is that the Attilico de Madrid has a clause for the front repurchase. For seven million euros, the Colchonero will take the Colombian when it is convenient. For this reason, it is now expected that the striker appeared at Deportivo Cali to go to Spanish football in June next year and not in this market.

On the other hand, former player of Villarreal He referred to the importance of a possible clash with Real Madrid. "I think both achievements are important (the Copa Libertadores and a hypothetical World Cup of Clubs), but we are thinking we have to demand, it is a good challenge to give fans a joy," said the player who lost the final . in the Bernabu by the accumulation of yellow cards.

In principle, Santos Borr He will start next Tuesday against Al Ain or Esperance Sportive of Tunis. The Colombian became a key player in the equipment of the team led by Marcelo Gallardo and now he can demonstrate it on a large scale with his participation in the international competition.


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