Born in England, he lives in Chile and is a fan of workshops


Marcos Paraje is 19 years old, son of Cordovan, born in England and lives in Santiago de Chile for almost 14 years. And the singular fact is that he inherited from his father, Guillermo, the fanaticism of the workshops.

On Wednesday afternoon, he will only have to walk four blocks to reach the Universidad Católica stadium, San Carlos de Apoquindo, to perform an unforeseen dream: to see his team in an instance of the Copa Libertadores in their own neighborhood. .

"I came to Chile at the age of six in 2006. I'm a fan of the" T "for my father, basically," says Marcos.

"He always gave me clothes when I was a kid, we watched and kept watching the games together every time he plays," he added.

The young man can not believe what fate has given him. "I feel great joy for Talleres every time I watch their games on TV or on the court. In Chile we celebrate all the triumphs with friends from Cordoba who are also from workshops."

Marcos rushes to explain why he is not English despite being born in London. "I am not English, I am Argentine because in England you do not receive nationality by land, but by blood. If your parents are from a European Union country, they gave you the nationality, but if not, no."

Marcos says that every time he travels to Cordoba to visit his family or spend his vacation, he does not miss the opportunity to go to court. "When they came to Viña del Mar to play a friendly, we went to court with my father and friends fans of the T," he says.

The young man studied Industrial Design at the university and studied almost all his studies in Santiago.

And he guarantees that every time a small game is set up with his friends, he wears the T-shirt of the workshops. "Here they recognize Workshops. When I play a game, I always wear the shirt and the other guys recognize the club," he says.


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