Bold strike cost the Arana commissioner


One band poisoned 3 dogs and entered 3 houses of a family in La Harmony. They watched a baby, tied 10 victims for 5 hours and stole more than 300 thousand pesos

The growing discomfort among the residents of Arana and surrounding areas due to the insecurity deepened in the early hours of yesterday and acted as a trigger for the mobilization that occurred in the afternoon at the police station in the area as a result of a violent attack by a command group against 10 members of a family living in three adjacent houses in the neighborhood of La Harmony. Then the anger that about 30 neighbors showed in front of the police station in Arana in 637 and 131, between 15 and 17, motorized measures as required.

"The chief of the Patrol Command of La Plata, Sebastián Perea, told us that they had relieved Commissar Miguel Martínez and that, instead, Subcomisario Maximiliano Madueño was appointed," Veronica Navarro (41), one of the leaders, revealed the this newspaper. who went to the place.

"It's something we've been waiting for, especially since the robberies have increased a lot in the last two years, they come in like they do nothing in the houses, with people or without the owners, they rob you when you're walking or waiting for the bus at the stop," he explained. he.

cannulated a baby

What triggered the fury of the neighborhood was the assault suffered by 10 members of the same family in their camp of 625 and 153, in the Harmony.

Facundo Pistone (21), a relative of the victims, was yesterday among those who participated in the protest in front of the Arana police station and revealed details of the face-to-face assault with this newspaper: "It all started at 12:30 p.m. when four armed criminals first entered my sister's house (28 years old), who was with my brother-in-law and three of my nephews (aged 2, 11 and 16). "For that, they first poisoned the 3 dogs.

The boy, who lives in the neighborhood of his relatives, in a rural area surrounded by farmers' horticulturalists, mostly of Bolivian nationality, revealed that his brother-in-law "gave two punches" and that his sister "tortured her psychologically." First they asked him to open my parents' house, which is a few meters away and where they slept, my 25-year-old brother and 6-year-old nephew. "But then, so he would not hesitate to agree to what they asked for, "they pointed a gun at the 2-year-old boy who slept in his bed." According to Facundo, they went to the extreme of "debating" whether they "killed" the child or not.

He also mentioned that they did not agree to enter the second house, "they tied all of them, forced my father to give them money, beat my brother's pineapple and also let my 85-year-old grandmother leave the house," . of the other two houses and walks with two flares.

At one point, the gang gathered all the victims on the first farm, where they were tied to proceed to expropriate the properties.

In total, the assault lasted almost five hours and the band escaped with 300,000 pesos, appliances, guitars, clothes, a generator, a chainsaw and "even meat that was in the freezer," the victims reported.

That's not all: Facundo said they also stripped off four cell phones, of which "two of them threw them while they escaped on my old Toyota Hilux truck, in which they carried everything" they stole.

As if the magnitude of the robbery was small, the degree of physical and psychological violence they wielded over the victims and the time they were held hostage – between 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. yesterday – before Fugir del culpritos did something else.

"To prevent anyone from going out to chase them, they cut the tires of two bikes and took the batteries out of two vehicles," he explained.

The young man is convinced that the band knows perfectly the movements and schedules of his family: "They expected that they arrived in their houses and later they presented themselves", reflected.

Analia Pistone, daughter and sister of the victims, was surprised that the group "knew how to handle itself". They entered where there were children to be able to handle the situation and thus take the rest hostages. "

María Rita, a neighbor of the region, said that "the way these criminals acted is one that is repeated daily." First it was with the people who were on the street and now they go directly to the houses. "Deeply indignant, the neighbor of La Plata expressed that" the police do not give answers. "There is no security.We are desperate"


Aware of the release of the police chief, the neighbors who showed up last night at the door of Arana police station asked to speak with the new chief of the branch, who finally succeeded.

Madueño promised to intensify "the patrols throughout the network, which includes Arana, Villa Garibaldi, Ignacio Correas and La Armonía," for which they will "join a special police group" to prevent and fight crime, along with "more cell phones and motorcycles, "commented Veronica Navarro.

The new owner of Arana also suggested to his neighbors that they create a whatsapp group and give them the telephone number, which is available 24 hours a day. "He was even predisposed to hold a meeting if necessary," the neighbor said.

Besides the good intentions of the new police chief, Navarro still accepted them with reservations.

"I hope they are not promises of the occasion," he said, recalling that "there was another protest in front of the police station last year and we even cut the street. The commissioner they took now promised us that there would be more patrols and the presence of Cavalry and Local Police, but these measures did not last more than a week.


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