Boca: Three informed can lose the final


While the Boca remains steadfast in his position to claim the points and not contest the final, new news has increased the discomfort of the Xeneize leaders present in Asunción to know that Pablo Pérez, Carlos Tevez and Ramón Ábila They were told by a Conmebol watcher that the players insulted him on Saturday afternoon.

This unexpected situation, besides putting more tension in the relationship could cause players to be suspended and prevent its participation in the hypothetical end scheduled for December 8 or 9, but still pending a resolution of the Disciplinary Tribunal.

The delegate of Conmebol Mário Campos was the one who wrote in his report that last Saturday at Monumental was insulted by players at the time of identity verification when the game at that time of the chaotic afternoon was scheduled for 19.15. Your report has the same validity as any umpire and may result in penalties for players.


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