Boca hung the shirts in the dressing room of Real Madrid and revealed the starting lineup?


And one day, the costumes worn every weekend by Real Madrid players were dyed blue and gold. At the time of the start of the Copa Libertadores Super Final, the Xeneize team has already prepared their players' shirts.

Although the river is local, the Conmebol organization has decided that the Xeneize is what occupies the place where people of the Merengue are usually changed: it is for a theme of proximity to the supporters' bleachers. They want to avoid any kind of incident.

In the video that released the official Twitter account of the Ribera group, you can see a particularity: how the jackets are distributed, it looks like the team was revealed which Guillermo Barros Schelotto would place in court.

The first is Andrada, then the defenders appear (the only one who can sneak in the middle is Jara, who would take a seat on the bench), followed by the midfielders and then the attackers, where the big question appears. If this detail is taken into account, the offensive would be composed of Cristian Pavón, Wanchope Ábila and Pipa Benedetto.

The other players fighting in a position for Benedetto are Mauro Zárate and Sebastián Villa. A step back Carlos Tevez appears, which certainly has minutes of play in the second half.

The Copa Libertadores is defined.
The Copa Libertadores is defined.

The grand final will begin at 4:30 p.m. (Argentina time). The winner will be the 2018 Libertadores champion and get a place for the UAE Club World Cup, which will start in a week.

In case of a tie, they go in time to lengthen. If they still do not make a difference, they should set the continental competition for penalties.


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