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Boca and the Alfaro plan: the names to face the reconstruction process


DT Gustavo Alfaro will be presented on January 2 and 4 will begin the preseason Source: LA NACION – Credit: Diego Lima


You already have your "A" plan. True, there is still no contract signed. But in the institution you already know that

Gustavo Alfaro

, who said goodbye to the hurricane last Saturday, will be the coach to succeed

Guillermo Barros Schelotto

. Although to see your figure on the premises xeneizes and know your first impressions will have to wait longer than the thought. Of course: it is confirmed that the leaders will sign a link for two seasons.

At the

Boca World

, of his statement saying farewell to the entity of Parque de los Patricios, there was a rumor that Alfaro would be officially presented to the press after Christmas. However, the coach, who in the midst of all this commotion was enjoying his vacation in the United States, will respect the days he planned to rest. And while its passage marked the return to the country for January 3, will make a few days before starting the year 2019 in the country and will be available for its official presentation.

Because it will finally happen on January 2nd. At that conference, what remains to put the time and place, both would be present

Nicolás Burdisso

, responsible for taking the decision
take it off the hurricane, how

Daniel Angelici,

which without a full conviction of determination simply gave the go-ahead. When Alfaro signs his signature on the new contract, he will begin a two-year cycle: the same time that the new sports director must do his job.

This is the term that Boca uses for contracts that must be signed from now on. Leaders believe that establishing ties for only a year, because Daniel Angelici's term ends next December, "it's crazy." So, even if they exceed the times that correspond, the economic commitment will not be important to the opposition group that wins the election next year. Of course, as long as the ruling party is not held in the club by the vote of the partners.

The return to work

After the official presentation, the hard work days for the Alfaro training team will begin. A day later, the preseason will begin. First, the school will be assembled at the Pompilio Complex to undergo medical examinations. And then, on January 4, they will do the set up at the Sofitel Los Cardales: it was the bunker during the summers of 2016 and 2018. Now it will repeat itself and focus there for two weeks.

Who will be your collaborators? "Lechuga", as he is called Alfaro, will maintain the technical team with which he comes to do an excellent job on the Globe: Carlos González and Claudio Cristofanelli will be his field assistants, while Sergio Chiarelli will be in charge of the physical preparation. Precisely, it may be the latter that has more work in the early days when the player is sought to return to his best form. And so they arrive in conditions to the friendly in Mar del Plata: the 16 before the Union of Santa Fe and 20, before Aldosivi.

It will be long days, of extensive work, for both the new coach and the sports director. Because during these hours they will be in charge of the assembly of the establishment, regarding incorporations and exits, many conditioned by possible sales of large numbers.

Colombian Edwin Cardona is no longer in Boca: he was presented in Pachuca, Mexico
Colombian Edwin Cardona is no longer in Boca: he was presented in Pachuca, Mexico Source: Archive

Anyway, Alfaro already knows that he will not be able to count on some players. Cristian Espinoza finished his loan, Lisandro Magallán will be sold to the Dutch Ajax (about 9,000,000 euros) and the opportunity to buy Edwin Cardona was discarded: Pachuca made his official loan, because in Monterrey, owner of his pass, they were not interested in having it.

On the other hand, you can lose players along the way: although there are still no offers, in Boca they trust that they will soon arrive by Wilmar Barrios and Cristian Pavón. There may also be Nahitan Nández, but they want to try to keep him: they value the grand finale he did against the River in Madrid. And we will have to see what is the future of Pablo Perez: although he has a contract, many in the club consider that he has already completed a cycle, since he has been at Xeneize for four years.

Among the men to incorporate, the intentions are to strengthen three positions. The left center back, the midfielder (who does not have a professional in that position) and the creative midfielder: without the Colombian, the only one left is Emanuel Reynoso, who did not have many minutes of play with Barros. Schelotto. But we will have to see what Alfaro thinks when he starts to analyze his next directors.

In the head of the coach there must also be uncertainty about what will happen to Fernando Gago after his new rupture of the Achilles tendon. As of today, little is known about the captain. He was just smiling at a Christmas photo with Gisela Dulko, his wife and their two children. Will you have the strength to continue your career after repeated serious injuries? The bottom line is that there would be no news until next week's meeting.

Although the official presentation remains, Boca already has a coach. And the club is about to start with the traditional romances of the passing market.

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