Friday , April 23 2021

blocking a contact and not noticing

Of course, you've thought about blocking a WhatsApp contact. Write down.


The most used messaging application in the world allows us to communicate with all the contacts we add and with those who have our phone number. If you do not want someone to talk to you, the best option is to block it from the WhatsApp application, something that is done very simply and quickly.Today, we show you how to block someone in WhatsApp, the consequences it has, and the best tricks related to the lock. If you want to know everything about this subject, stay with us, since we will tell you everything now.

Block a contact you've saved

To block a contact from your calendar in WhatsApp, simply go to the menu and, in the privacy settings, add a user to the blocked list. Is not that clear to you? We explain this step by step.

Touch the Menu button

Go to the settings section

Now go to the account section

Go to locked contacts

Touch the "Add contact" icon

Select the contact you want to block

So easy. That way, you can make a list of blocked contacts in WhatsApp. You can consult it to know at any time which contacts you have blocked, quickly and comfortably.

Block a contact you have not saved

In some cases, someone can get our phone number and try to contact us. If you want to block someone who is not on your contact list, do the following.

Go to the chat with the unknown number

Open the menu

Give it to block the contact

There you go. You blocked someone who was not on your list in the WhatsApp application. You will no longer be able to talk to this phone number and it will be automatically added to your blocked contact list.

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