Bill Gates updates his list of the most avant-garde technology of 2019


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates

Bill Gates set the 2019 list of Vanguard Technology for the MIT Technology Review.

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The same cancer vaccines as talking artificial intelligence assistants have entered the list of technologies that can not be lost sight of that Bill Gates did.

O MIT Technology Review On Wednesday, he unveiled his list of 10 Vanguard Technologies of 2019, made by Gates. This is the first time the publication has a guest editor for the assembly of the list.

"Bill's list reflects his belief that we are reaching, as a humanity, a turning point in technological development – from technologies that make life longer, to life-enhancing," Gideon Lichfield, editor-in-chief of the publication, explained in a statement. "Your choices highlight some of those who consider the most important challenges and opportunities of our time."

Here are the 10 technologies, ranging from climate change to health care or artificial intelligence:

  • Robot ability: robotic hands that can manipulate objects that are unknown to them.
  • Next Generation Nuclear Energy: Reactor projects, both fission and fusion, that can reduce carbon emissions.
  • Preemies for Preterm Infants: A blood test that can alert you to premature birth.
  • Intestinal probe in a pill: a device that can be swallowed that can show the digestive tract and perform biopsies.
  • Tailored cancer vaccines: a treatment that helps the body's own immune system attack only cancer cells.
  • Burger without beef: alternative vegetable meat and laboratory alternatives that could reduce emissions from the food industry.
  • Carbon dioxide sensor: techniques to absorb CO2 from the air and block it.
  • Electrocardiogram on the wrist: the ability of smart watches to monitor heart health and alert any problems over time.
  • Sanitation without sewage: a bathroom that is contained to reduce diseases and poor living conditions.
  • Talking AI Assistants: advances in natural language processing that allow digital participants to have more natural conversations.

You can read more about these technologies in MIT Technology Review.

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