Bets from Nuevo Banco del Chaco to encourage consumption with Tuya


Bank officials and representatives of the business sector presented yesterday the promotion with the card that will start on the 17th and end on the 31st of this month.

From December 17 to 31, throughout the province, the Tuya Card Fiesta promotion will be valid, with two options: 5 interest-free installments with a 5% bonus on food and 10 interest-free installments, with a 10% bonus on toys , gifts, clothing, footwear, leather goods, technology and electro, perfumery, optics, jewelery, watchmaking and pharmacies.

The announcement was made yesterday in the Board Room of the Nuevo Banco del Chaco, with the presence of President Rafael González and the business manager, Omar Quirelli.
They were accompanied by the presidents of the Economic Federation of the Chaco, José Luis Cramazzi, and the Chambers of Commerce of Resistance, Ernesto Scaglia, the Presidency of the Square, Natalia Urribarri, and General San Martín, Darío Javier Navarro. The announcement was also accompanied by the trade union secretary of CAME, Alfredo González, and the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Services, Gustavo Ferrer.


The promotion of the Fiesta Tuya card for food to all the stores in the region: supermarkets, pantries, self-service shops, mini-markets. It does not require any type of management or previous adhesion, it is triggered by the sale made in 5 installments and the client receives the bonus in the summary with the first installment of the purchase.

In the case of promotion of 10 interest-free installments, it includes toys, gift shops, clothing, footwear, leather goods, technology and electro, perfumery, optics, jewelery, watchmaking and pharmacies. The benefit is activated automatically for the sale carried out in 10 installments and the customer will receive the bonus in the monthly summary with the first installment.
In both cases, like all sales made with Tarjeta Tuya, commercial accreditation is done at 48 hours, with online management of settlements and closures of daily lots.


"In addition to accompanying the user and the commerce of extraordinary consumption that occurs with the Parties of the New Year, this promotion is part of a policy that we have developed since the launch and that Tuya is the tool for commercial transactions in the province of Chaco," explained Rafael González.
In this regard, he emphasized that "we have 9,000 stores throughout the province and we have consumption cards throughout the province"

"It is a unique instrument that practically has no comparison with other provincial jurisdictions because it is totally administered by the New Bank of the Chaco. and this allows us to develop policies with our card without being linked to national brands, "he concluded.


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