Beto Casella's word after Calu Rivero accused "blessed" for having "mocked" her


Under the title "We are what we do", the protagonist of Bells at night Dedicates 20 lines to count how he felt when he saw certain passages in the Nine program dedicated to him in 2015three years after his departure from Sweet love, where was one of the main couples with Juan Darthés.

"At that moment I felt the damage in my own flesh, now I know that they only do it for an image, not for me, and to the extent that they damage my image, they get injured like people, in front of their children, friends, society. And this is much more serious, "continues the actress, and closes:" When television shows the impossibility of respecting our genre, this type of reporting leaves no room for comedy; only expresses the decline of a group of people who do not understand that, if in the past it could happen, women can no longer be treated like that. "

The chapter is accompanied by screenshots of a report from Blessed September 2015, which begins with a black plaque. "Attention: the production of Blessed be aware that this piba does not even know the parrot, He decided to work five more minutes and summarize his career. "And he continues:" He left with Sean Pean, he left with the Chinese Darin, he left a romance two weeks later, he said that Darthés was harassing her ".

(Video: Blessed – Channel Nine)

During the little more than five minutes that lasts the video that takes the graphic "What he is doing?, the production shows with his characteristic mood an interview that the DJ had also given to Difficult To Tame, in which he talked about his novel with Polito Pieres, the differences between vegetarianism, veganism and love for animals, among other topics. And several times he coined his phrase "shine for me. "

When consulted by Teleshow, Beto Casella said she did not read the actress's book and was not interested either. "If you did not understand the humor of the reports we made, before your public denunciation against Darthés, it's her problem", he argued. He added: "Your public appearances before this denunciation were very funny."

"No one has complained about the humor we use in the reports we do in Bendita, of course Rivero has a very special mood. Anyway, our entire staff regrets what happened to him and of course after his complaint he only appeared on the show in the context of his poor experience with Darthés. And we express our support, "he said.

In another chapter of her book, the actress who was born in Recreo, Catamarca, reminded in first person how her experience with the accused rape in Nicaragua was while she was doing Sweet love: "He was a consecrated actor, male and much older than I, in age and context, between us there was an asymmetrical situation, both in experience and in power and in relationships with the environment. "

"I remember the first action that paralyzed me before the excess. I tried to justify it by understanding it as an impetus of seduction that my partner could not control. Anguish, emptiness and pain settled in me and became more and more intense. Scene after scene, the excess was repeated. The discomfort grew in me, and when I grew up, I became more paralyzed. It is a constant feeling of vertigo, fear and horror, but at the same time not wanting to leave aside what I had committed myself, which promised to be my dream, "he wrote in the chapter" It was not fiction, it was really happening "


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