Bethesda celebrates 25 years of Doom. Promise they will have events and rewards


Bethesda celebrates 25 years of doom and promises to have events and rewardsIt looks like it was yesterday when we first saw the cover of a demon-surrounded marine in a desperate situation and with a single word behind it that would open a portal to a new level of video games, which is still open today.

Disgrace It looks like it is: shocking and gloomy. It was like this from the beginning 25 years ago. And therefore, Bethesda presented a video that reminds us of the quarter century that this franchise, event that took the opportunity to mention that soon will distribute to Doom Eternalthe game that id Software programmed and will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Under the motto "Times change. Disgrace is eternal " Bethesda he encourages us to join the Slayers Club, where they offer a Zombie Doom Slayer skin that will be available when the game is too much. In addition, in this club we can participate in events that will give us unique rewards in what they call "The Year of Disgrace"

Here the complete statement:

"Times change. Disgrace It is eternal.

A quarter of a century has passed since Disgrace He was released to the unsuspecting masses. More than two decades later, the franchise spawned various sequences, spin-offs, films, comics and consolidated itself as part of the lexicon of pop culture. Over the next year, we will celebrate 25 years of barbarism and destruction. Twenty-five years of mods, bowels, guns and unwavering passion, as well as a hot fan base this side of Phobos. So much for you that it began in 1993 as for those who made their first trip to Hell in 2016 with Disgrace, all the murderers of Disgrace of past, present and future, we ask that you participate in the celebration of one of the most iconic entertainment franchises. Welcome to the year of Disgrace"

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