Benito Cerati remains hospitalized after having suffered an epilepsy attack on the street


The musician suffered a convulsion in public roads and continues the observation in a private sanatorium Credit: archive

It happened on the afternoon of Wednesday. While walking through the neighborhood of Palermo,

Benito Cerati

He disappeared and, falling, suffered a heavy blow to his head. The people who were around helped him and immediately called the ambulance, so
the son of the leader of Soda Stereo was transferred, in the first instance, to the custody of Hospital Rivadavia.

After the first controls, Cerati was transferred to the Los Arcos Sanatorium, where he will remain in observation until at least Thursday morning. According to LA NACIÓN, Benito suffered an attack of epilepsy and that was the reason for the fading.

A close source said that four years ago the young musician was diagnosed with this chronic disease. Although taking your medication daily, in the face of situations of strong stress, the images can be repeated. Exactly on Friday
Cerati plans to present Unisex, the
new record of his band Zero Kill, and this situation is what would have been nervous in recent days.

The musician, 25, is stable and, if there are no complications, will be dismissed as soon as possible.


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