Thursday , October 21 2021

"Behind the theme of the genre hide …" A guest of Mirtha Legrad aroused great discomfort at the talking table …!


One of the traditional channel thirteen shows has come to an end. Of course, the emotional moments and the polemics were some of the typical ingredients of La Noche de Mirtha, but that was not the only thing, as the driver said goodbye to his 50th season with some news and strong crosses between his guests.

One of the protagonists of his desk was Mauricio DAlessandro. The lawyer took the opportunity to talk about the delicate issue: "Not one less" and made a stinging comment that aroused the fury of everyone present. O & # 39; Not one less & # 39; had a strong ideological load. That did not happen, the 500 girls the other day (by the collective Actresses Argentinas) … "was the beginning of the launch of Mauricio.

    1 19 HOURS ago Mauricio D

At his words, Tet Coustarot interrupted him and added, "No, excuse me, it was not," said the guest. Then, Mara ODonnell joined in and wanted to hear the lawyer's complete statement: "What do you mean by that?" Exclaimed the journalist. "Behind the gender issue, there is a hidden vision for K-government," DAlessandro replied.

"There were a lot of women, who did not identify with Kirchnerism, who promoted the" not one less ", when you say about the ideological burden, you say to lessen the – not one less & # 39; ", he said in a strong tone. the exmodel and driver and caused a tense atmosphere in the program of Mirtha Legrand.

Realizing the discomfort of his guest, Chiqui had to have the courage and convey peace and tranquility in his television series. For this, Mirtha changed the axis of the debate and put a cold between its guests and avoided any conflictual situation. So Legrand said goodbye to the small screen and announced that he would be back shortly. Have a happy year. I'm waiting for them on January 5 in Mar del Plata. Go to La Chiqui, ppl to eltrece, declare the driver.

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