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Beginner's Guide with everything you need to know


Brawl Stars is the last game of the moment. After several months in beta, it is finally available to everyone. We tell you everything you need to know before you start playing so you do not resist games, as well as tips and tricks.

What is Brawl Stars: the new Supercell phenomenon

This funny video came as the official announcement of the new game Supercell, which after several months in beta, finally reached the whole world. Supercell is the company of two major mobile hits, such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Brawl Stars is born in support of a company that knows how to create successful games, so I deserved to try.

Since its official launch, we have not stopped playing. My brother and practically all my friends that I play we abandoned any other activity we did in our free time to play this hilarious game.

We tell you what you need to get started in Brawl Stars.

Just open the game that you feel is a title with potential, the visual and sound style enters through the vision and hearing, and just play a few games to understand why this game will give much to speak in the coming months. It's easy to learn to play, but its gameplay is deep enough for each game to be a unique experience.

Guide to getting started Brawl Stars: Controls and basics

Brawl Stars is not a game that makes the most of touch screens, since it requires controls that work on the screen (unfortunately, it is not compatible with controls). We have three types of joysticks, in which each one will perform a specific action:

  • The left joystick will move our character.
  • The rightmost joystick will serve to attack our enemies. If we press the button instead of sliding, it will attack the nearest rival.
  • A little to the left of the attack joystick, we will have the icon of a skull. It is the indicator of our special attack, which we can use when it is loaded. Its operation is similar to the basic attacks because if you glide you can aim, but if you touch the button, it will be launched to the nearest rival.

Most game modes are in 3-player vs. 3 players. We can play alone or with our friends, until we create personalized games where we can play up to 6 friends. The last one we love because it is the perfect excuse to stay and play with friends in person, something that is always more fun.

Our character has two fundamental aspects that we must take care of, health points and ammunition:

  • If we run out of health points, we will be defeated and we will have to wait 3 seconds to return to the battlefield. If we do not attack or receive attacks for some time, we will be healed automatically.
  • The ammo allows us to have up to 3 photos that we can shoot at the same time. The ammo is recharged by itself and every few seconds we have an additional chance, up to a maximum of 3.

The Characters of Brawl Stars: How to Get and Improve Them

Brawl Stars has a large cast of characters, which are called Brawlers. Each one has its own design, with several health points and a repertoire of attacks of its own. Some Brawlers are short-range combat specialists such as Shelly (the first brawler we get), while others work better at long distance, such as Colt. There are some who can heal allies like Little, or with high resistance to attacks, such as The cousin.

Many of the Brawlers we can reach them simply by progressing in the game, receiving drinks. Each time you win a game, you will receive drinks, and if you lose, you will lose them. With this progress, we will get characters and service boxes.

Each character has a rank and level, and the more level you have with a character, the better the life and damage you will have. To raise the level you need to obtain points of force for this character. When we reach the required points, we can pay the level increase with coins.

Currency, Tokens and Transactions

Like any free game, Brawl Stars has a microtransaction system that will help us to progress faster or get cosmetic elements that do not improve the characters' characteristics. It is possible to get any character and send it to the highest level completely free, so the balance of the game seems appropriate.

Every 2 hours we can receive up to 100 cards, which will allow us to access free for a cash box. In the service boxes we can obtain:

  • Strength points for the characters we have.
  • Coins
  • Random characters with a small probability.

Micropayments do not provide any competitive advantage in the game, nor are they required to continue playing, since you can play as many games as you want.

Coins will help us buy more in-store power points and raise our Brawlers when we reach the required strength points. In addition to coins, the game has gems, a type of coin that we can receive, which allows us to buy Brawlers, aspects to our Brawlers or improvements to get more chips.

Brawl Stars game modes and strategies to follow

The normal thing in this type of competitive games is that there is a single game mode, but in Brawl Stars they wanted to add a wide variety of alternate game modes. Maps of these game modes also change over time, so a game you play tomorrow may be very different from the one you play today, even if you play the same way, and with the same character. Some of these modes are:

  • Atrapagemas: The first game mode that we will find. In the center of the map will appear gems that we will have to collect, and the first team that receives 10 gems and hold them for 15 seconds will win. When you eliminate a rival, all your gems fall to the ground.
    • Playing with gems is important, and to prevent your opponent from winning, it will be a priority to wipe out those with gems and collect them.
    • Likewise, if they do away with you, you will lose all gems. Do not expose yourself to the enemy if you have many precious stones.
    • A good tactic is to allow your colleagues to be the ones who take the gems and protect them. That way, you will not take risks when falling and you can have more fun.

  • Survival: It is a way that you can play alone or with a friend. It is a Battle Royale, similar to PUBG or Fortnite, where the last standing wins.
    • On the map there are some energy boxes. Destroying them will make your character more powerful in the game.
    • Eliminating your opponents will also give you power, so hiding until there is only one is not the best strategy to win.
  • Theft: Each team has a safe and must break it before the opposing team.
    • Here the priority is to eliminate the rival's safe at all costs.
    • If you are defending your vault, it is more important to let your life's critical rivals instead of killing them, because when they die, they will appear in your vault and they will be able to defend you better.
  • StarfighterEach player has a star reward, a reward his team receives when it ends. When time is up, the team with the most stars will win.
    • Everyone starts with 2 stars, which the enemy will receive for each elimination.
    • When someone ends up with their rivals, the reward that the enemies will receive for finishing it is greater. A brawler can accumulate a reward of up to 7 stars through his head.
    • If you get a lot of eliminations, your payout will increase, so it is recommended that you have a style of play as you accumulate a better score.
    • The enemy will try to wipe out the players with the best reward. It is more valuable to try to protect a partner with a good reward than to kill someone who gives us a minor.

Finally, remember that on all maps it is essential that you know how to play with the terrain. The shrubs allow us to hide from our rivals while we do not attack, and the walls will serve as cover for most attacks.

Having said that, I will keep playing, they are calling me on the battlefield.

Release: 14,118

Author: Supercell

Requires 4.3 and later

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