Because we do not have rules of the game, we have Country Risk and there are no investments


Urtubey, candidate for president of Federal Alternative, said in a dialogue with Radio Continental that he will run in the elections because "You can really change" and explained that "We can not build with Kirchnerism or with Macrismo, but we would not be an alternative".

"I want to change the government system because it does not work for us, it clearly has not generated results in the last 40 years." Argentina has to go to a semi-parliamentary government with lasting consensus and state policies ", he added.

The provincial president asked "Generate contract policies because without predictability, without rules of the game, we will have the Country Risk and the lack of investments that Argentina has today".

Finally, he criticized that "In some of the most competitive sectors, such as the agro-exporter, we have changed laws three or four times on the same subject". "Who are we going to call to invest with this level of unpredictability?"I wonder.


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