Be careful with WhatsApp! They warn of a fake version of the application that hides a virus


The virus offers a WhatsApp with a premium service. This malware has begun to circulate in recent days. How to do this to avoid this.

This Whatsapp It began to circulate in 2016 and three years later began to circulate again. What this virus proposes is to download a "Gold" or "Premium" version of the application.

The temptation increases since what is offered is features and unique advantages. Obviously, this is false and the goal is to install it and get the virus. This is contracted from a different link, not downloaded from the official platform, Google Play or App Store, for Android or iOS, respectively.

But this time it's not just the link, but it's accompanied by an audio that says, "Today the radio was talking about Watshap Gold and it's true.There is a video that will be released tomorrow at Wattsap and is called Martinelli. phone and nothing you do will fix it.Spread the message if you know someone.If you get a message to update WattSapp Gold * Do not open! They just announced that the virus is serious.Move them all. "

This virus comes with everything, promises false promises that you can send up to 100 images at a time, delete messages for longer and even have more emojis.

It is common for viruses to circulate in Whatsapp, a few months ago circulated another that said the "Plus" of the messenger. But unfortunately all the users who installed it had to remove it from their devices so that the official application does not end up blocking the account.

The truth is that the application knows that this attack will never end. But the solution is to install unknown applications. Not much less to click on links to strange pages that route us on a chain of Whatsapp.

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