Friday , April 23 2021

Be careful! the dangers of piercing your baby's ears

It is common for small children to be placed before the birth of a girl earrings for which it is necessary toerforation in the ears. But this practice can be dangerous to a baby's health.

Some people think it's best to do the perforations when they are babies, so that they do not remember the pain caused, others do so that the sex of the baby is not confused with the others, simply because of the cultural question.

However, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend pierce the ears because putting a piece of metal in your ear can cause it to get tangled in your clothing and cause bloody wounds.

Another risk is that some parents do this a few hours after the baby's birth, even before you want to get the tetanus vaccine (which should be placed at two months of age), this vaccine should also be given in 6 and 15 months of life, it is when doctors recommend an ear piercing.

Another recommendation made by experts is that the earrings should be made of gold and that the material to be used during the piercing should be completely sterilized, otherwise it can generate infection and increase the possibility of contracting hepatitis.

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