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LIVE. Today is the Red Bull Battle of the Final International Roosters Buenos Aires 2018 (at 12.00 Argentine time) / 10:00 am Peruvian time) and although the tickets are already sold out, you can take advantage of the Red Bull LIVE / LIVE International Final, as it will be transmitted to all via Internet / YouTube / Red Bull TV / Streaming the well-known Club Hípico Argentino, Buenos Aires.

Red Bull Battle of the Gauls Final Internacional Argentina 2018 | LIVE ONLINE



Wos vs. Aczino

The end of the Battle of Red Bull de Gallos Internacional 2017 among & # 39; Wos & # 39; and & quot; Aczino & quot ;. This was the confrontation of last year.

Spain is the country chosen for the next edition of the Battle of the Red Bulls of the Gauls International 2019


Bnet vs. Aczino | Aczino goes to the final to dispute with Wos. Great level of Bnet.

Vouchers T vs. Wos | Wos is going to the final. The Argentine defended his place against the Colombian and will contest the trophy Batalla de los Gallos.


Aczino Vs. Indian | Aczino goes to the semifinal. That freestylers will compete for the victory of the international championship.

Wos vs. Letter | Wos defeats the Venezuelan letter. The Argentinean's last joke consolidated his victory.

Arkano vs Bnet | Bnet defeats his Spanish compatriot, who was one of the favorites in the competition.

Pepe Grillo vs Valles-T | Valles T goes to the next round. The Chilean Pepe Grillo says goodbye to the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos.


8th BATTLE: Neon Vs. Letter | Letter goes to the next round with several punchlines at the end of his two interventions.

7th BATTLE: Jaze vs Aczino | Although the battle seemed similar, Aczino demonstrated a category and moved on to the next stage.

-The Peruvian and Argentine, favorite of the Battle of Galo Red Bull, meet again after Double AA Argentina International.

6th BATTLE: Indian vs. RVS | Indian goes to the next round with precise rhymes and making allusions to Duki, one of the jurors.

-The first replica of the Battle of the Roosters of Red Bull takes place in this confrontation. The indicator and RVS show a very uniform level.

5th BATTLE: Wos Vs. Rapder | Wos showed level in the arena. No problem, he defeated Rapder and moved on to the next stage.

Wos: In the first round, everyone with raised hand! The Argentine favorite faces the Mexican

4TH BATTLE: Dozer vs Arkano | The Spaniard Arkano goes to the next stage. Dozer (Argentina) failed against the international champion Red Bull

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<p><strong>3ª BATALHA: Pepe Grillo vs Yeriko</strong> | Do not open any replica so far, freestyler levels are uniform. The Chilean Pepe Grillo went to the next round. </p>
<p>The Spanish <a href=@bntss_ He overcame the Ecuadorian Switch at It was the turn of Yeriko and Pepe Grillo in #BatallaDe LosGallos

2nd BATTLE: Benet Vs. To change | The Spaniard Bnet moved on to the next stage.

1st BATTLE: T-Valles and KDT | The first round for the octaves was opened with this battle. The jurors voted in favor of Valles-T to move on to the next stage.

Previous Note:

The eighth-round keys were ready: Jaze will face the favorite Aczino:

Valles-T vs. KDT

In the first duel, Valles- T He was able to beat the KDT by the jury's vote.

Switch Vs. Bnet
Yeriko Vs. Pepe Grillo
Wos vs. Rapder
Neon Vs. Letter
Arkano vs. Tractor
Indico vs. RVS
Aczino Vs. Jaze

Gauntlet battle keys

The Red Bull Rooster Battle International Final will take place on December 9 at Club Hípico Argentino in Buenos Aires. Argentina, starting at 12 o'clock (Peruvian time). In the long awaited competition will be chosen the best freestyle throughout Latin America and Spain.

The Battle of the Roosters at Red Bull International returns to Argentina after five years. On occasion, the local Dtoke was crowned the best freestyler in Spanish in the world.

Battle of the Rooster

Representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela will try to take home the title of Battle of Rooster Red Bull, which is the most important in freestyle in Spanish.

Battle of Rooster Red Bull

The favorites of this international final are the Mexican Aczino, current international champion and the Argentinean Wos, current runner-up international. However, fans of Battle of Rooster Red Bull They also deal with other names that might give the surprise.

This list is led by Spaniard Arkano, who is third in the 2017 international final, Peruvian Jaze, Spaniard Bnet, Chilean Pepe Grillo, Mexican Rapder and Dominican KDT.

While there are great favorites for Battle of Rooster Red Bull, the freestyle world is always full of surprises, which is why it is likely that none of the participants on the list will be the champion.

What is the Battle of the Gauls?

O Battle of Rooster Red Bull It is an impromptu rap competition that began in 2005. In recent years, it has become one of the most important international battles in Latin America and Spain.

The first tournaments of Battle of Rooster Red Bull It brought together a few countries, but as the years went by, other territories were implemented and gained a place in the freestyle world.

Battle of Rooster Red Bull

Through Battle of Rooster Red Bull He has been known by young artists like the Peruvian Jaze, who at 19 is a promise in national hip hop.

On the other hand, Battle of Rooster Red Bull is a viral phenomenon on YouTube, since the videos on your channel often exceed one million views, a figure that shows that this event is getting more and more every day.

Who participates in the Red Bull International Final of Battle of the Roosters?

– Argentina: Dozer

– Argentina: Wos (vice-champion of 2017)

– Bolivia: Neon

– Chile: Pepe Grillo

– Colombia: T-Valleys

– Costa Rica: RVS

– Cuba: Yerico

– Ecuador: Switch

– Spain: Arkano (3rd place in 2017)

– Spain: Bnet

– Mexico: Aczino (2017 international champion)

– Mexico: Rapder

– Panama: Indian

– Peru: Jaze

– Dominican Republic: KDT

– Venezuela: Lyrics

Day, time and place of the Red Bull Battle of the Gauls:

Day: Sunday, December 9
Time: 12:00 (GMT-3)
Place: Club Hípico Argentino (Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 7285, Núñez)
Where to watch the international final: The expected global setting will be streamed live via streaming on Red Bull TV.

Battle of the Red Bulls Finals 2018 International | World Time:

Costa Rica: 9:00 am.

Mexico: 10:00 in the morning.

Peru: 10:00 am.

Colombia: 10h00

Ecuador: 10:00 in the morning.

Panama: 10:00 am.

Cuba: 10:00 in the morning.

Bolivia: 11:00

Venezuela: 11:00 in the morning.

Dominican Republic: 11:00 in the morning.

Chile: 12:00 hours.

Argentina: 12:00 pm.

Paraguay: 12:00 hours.

Uruguay: 12:00 pm.

Brazil: 1:00 p.m.

Spain: 16:00.

Relive the international final of the Battle of the Rooster 2017 of Red Bull:


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