Thursday , February 25 2021

Barcelona thrashed Sevilla 6-1 and qualified for the Copa del Rey semifinal

Barcelona crushed Sevilla 6-1 at Camp Nou and showed that with Messi and Suarez on the field, the team can fight any competition and qualified for the Copa del Rey semifinal. Just a week ago I had fallen by 2-0 without its two stars in the field. On Friday the crosses will be drawn between Barca, Betis, Valencia and the winner of the key between Girona and Real Madrid, which is 4-2 in favor of Santiago Solari.

At the beginning of the game, the place did, perhaps, what in the previous seemed more difficult: open the scoreboard. Quincy Promes tripped Lionel Messi and the referee whistled a penalty. Philippe Coutinho He switched to the goal and brought calm.

The visitor just notified the last 20 minutes that he was in the field. A large collective piece on the right ended a search that found André Silva, who rehearsed a first class cue that made him seem Jasper Cillessen. As if this defense was not enough, moments later the Dutch goalkeeper covered a penalty to Éver Banega.

To be a shot from the draw, the Sevilla turned out to be 0-2 on the scoreboard before half an hour of play. Clément Lenglet gave a wonderful pass to Ivan Rakitic, who quickly slotted it past Juan Sorian and knocked it over for 2-0.

If he Barcelona was superior in the first half, in the complement this difference was accentuated in the field and on the scoreboard. In just eight minutes, Philippe Coutinho He scored diagonally from left to center and hit a header with the center that played in the empty Luis Suárez, to convert 3-0.

The victory thus was to be debated in the next action was Sergi Roberto the one that leaked without diagonal ball and received a staccato pass from Messi. The left side finished the left post and hit Soriano, a luxury spectator. 4-0.

The discount of Sevilla came at the worst moment of the Andalusian team. After an error of Cillessen At first, the visitors could set up a clear situation. Banega, loose game, stepped on the area and instead of ending it opened to the left for the arrival of Guilherme Arana, who first drew a spectacular zurdazo that slipped into the club farthest from the arch defended by the Dutchman. The Andalucian team, again in the race, a goal away from the standings.

But the illusion of Seville would be left alone. With two minutes remaining, Barcelona organized a perfect counterattack, which began Luis Suárez with a rejection that Messi picked up, he continued with Arturo Vidal and continued with an arrival at the bottom Jordi Alba, which launched a transverse center for, precisely, Suárez, which first set to stamp the 5-1 and set the series.

Dessert strawberry placed Lionel Messi, who took revenge on an unprecedented failure when the duel was 4-0 and set a fantastic move to sentence the 6-1 which included eight passes, five of them first, and a suggestion of Alba in the small area.

On Friday the crosses will be known and one of the keys could be Barcelona-Real Madrid. The Solari team receives on Thursday Girona, who has already won 4-2 in visitor status. Valencia and Betis are the other two classified.

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