Barbie Vélez, very difficult with Fede Bal and Carmen Barbieri


Tired of the cross-over versions, the young actress left to defend herself through the media

The word of Fede Bal after the decision of justice in the case with Barbie Vélez

Apparently, the war between Barbie Vélez and Fede Bal there is no end. Although their relationship has already come to an end for several years, the cross-over versions of their controversial split never stop appearing. In addition, the participation of Nazarena Vélez and Carmen Barbieri in the scandal also does not help their children.

Last week, Carmen had a hard crusade with journalist Fernanda Iglesias, who assured her that she would not like to have a daughter who "comes with bruises" referring to alleged blows Barbie in justice.

"Listen to me, would you like your daughter to come off the porch and have someone save her? You do not know the situation, you have no idea why the arm tighten so we changed the subject because this is serious, the squeeze was for many things … ", replied Barbieri, who then abandoned his cell phone.

"You have no idea why the arm squeeze changes the subject because this is serious …" said Carmen Barbieri

In a recent interview on "Relentless", Barbie He was consulted by the controversial statements of the producer that suggested that the girl wanted to commit suicide. However, she asserted that what Carmen said had nothing to do with what had happened.

"Have you heard Carmen's statements in recent days that Nazarene ruined the lives of several people?"asked the journalist Pablo Costas.

Quickly Barbie He replied: "I have a question, I think they said it was because I wanted to burn the house … now it's because I wanted to kill myself, I do not know what … it's okay."

Finally, he closed: "You see that as the skills came out, it was a lie about the fire, you have to go the other way, but it's okay … they are very stubborn things, but that's it, I do not say anything, to me it's a problem finished and he does not say it "I often sinned from a fool to shut up." They are contradicting themselves. "

The controversial interview of Carmen Barbieri in "Must see":

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