Banco Santander Río has changed its name


Santander Río changed its brand to Santander yesterday, following the unique global brand process of the Santander Group.

"In Argentina, as in the rest of the world, we are constantly changing and innovating. Therefore, the brand must evolve to follow our transformation, make it more visible and better convey our culture," said Enrique Cristofani, president of the local bank.

Banco Santander Río S.A. is the first private bank in the Argentinean financial system in savings (deposits plus mutual funds) and in credit volume. The entity has 468 branches, more than 3.5 million customers (including 260,000 SMEs and 1,300 companies), and is present in 22 provinces and in the city of Buenos Aires.

The entity said that in principle "the current brand (Santander) will coexist with the old brand (Santander Río), so that the change is progressive and begins in the digital domain (webs, mobile applications and social networks), communication and in some branches. "

Grupo Santander has been present in Argentina since the 1960s. In 1997, the Group acquired Banco Río, an entity formerly owned by the Perez Companc family. For more than a decade, Banco Río operated under this name, being controlled by the Group. Later in 2008, he changed his name to Santander Río.

In March 2018, the Santander Group changed its brand image globally to the current one with three elements: the name, the flame and the corporate red, with a unique typography, its own and more stylized.



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