Bacteria that killed a man in Uruguay may be on the Argentine coast – Society


The "beach bacterium" that killed a 50-year-old man in Uruguay may be at sea on the Argentine coast because it is not "exclusive" to a particular beach. The bacteria Vibro vulnificus is not different from other bacteria that are present in the flora of the water.
"It is not strange or to be warned, especially when there are skin wounds and, above all, people with autoimmune diseases," explained Raquel Rosa, director general of the Ministry of Health of Menorca. Uruguay.

This means that people within the at-risk group have to be careful not to have contact with sea water and, if they do, eliminate possible infections with a soap and water bath.

"In people with immune deficiency is that you can give bacteria a seriousness, in other cases you take an antibiotic and there are no greater risks," said Rosa.

Symptoms generated by bacteria begin to appear three to seven days after exposure. Among these are fever or high body temperatures, chills, aches, edema and redness of the skin in previous injuries or sores.

"It's a bacteria that is in the flora of the water, so you do not have to take any action against it, just be careful with people who have skin sores and avoid contact with water," he said.


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