Friday , October 22 2021

Awesome photos and videos: the "fra moon", the biggest night of the year


The night from Saturday to Sunday in the sky of several passes of the northern hemisphere develops an impressive spectacle, starring the so-called "moon fra": an unusual phenomenon when the full moon coincides with the winter solstice. Next time this will happen in 2029.

Despite the fact that the last full moon of 2018 appeared in the sky on the night of December 22, for those who observed the clear sky on Friday night, it already seems to be in its full splendor. Internet users from Mexico, the US, Russia, several European and Asian countries shared images of the brilliant satellite.

In addition, a day or two after the solstice is expected to reach its maximum splendor the annual rain of meteorites Ursids. Up to a dozen "shooting stars" per hour cross the night sky depending on the observer's location.

(Source: Actualidad.RT)

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