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"Avengers Endgame" sold 1,173,224 tickets and is a record – 04/29/2019

It is a record in the history of cinema in Argentina: Endgame of the Avengers, the Disney / Marvel film, sold in its weekend debut 1,173,224 tickets and became the first film to pass the million-viewer barrier at that time.

No film, moreover, was in 787 screens – in our country they do not reach a thousand -, so another brand broke, and 86.86% of the tickets sold were for the co-starring film, among others, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.

You have to go until Holy Week 2017 to find a similar audience response. Went with Fast and Furious 8, but did not reach the millions of spectators a little: they were 980,000. That movie with Vin Diesel lasted all week, from Thursday to Wednesday, 1,279,972 people, and the closing of the Marvel superhero saga will pass that number on Monday.

Endgame of the Avengers in just four days (added the preview functions on Wednesday) was the third in the year behind Wifi Ralph (1,577,919 registrations since its debut in January) and Captain Marvel (1,348,078). The strike on Tuesday and non-work holidays on Wednesday, May 1, will play against Avengersbut I'll probably get over it Wifi Ralph on top before Thursday.

The fact that many titles that were having a reasonably good response on the part of the pubic, will find much less rooms for their exhibition. And so, they drastically reduced the number of viewers.

Examples They suffered from other Hollywood tanks as well as feature films. Shazam! its audience fell by 80.21%. Van Gogh at the Door of Eternity37.92%.

The second most watched film, with 4.86% of the total audience, was The curse of La Llorona, which was the most seen at Easter. He now sold "only" 65,656 tickets.

Third was Dumboof Disney. The version with actors of the classic of 1941, that directed to Tim Burton took 36,633 spectators, and totalizes since its opening 955.543 (March fourth in the year). The four highest grossing films of 2019 are, so far, Disney.

Room was the national 4×4. It is the only Argentine film in the Top Ten, according to data provided by the company Ultracine. The film directed by Mariano Cohn, starring Peter Lanzani, in its 68 screens cut 21,535 tickets.

Thursday was the lively one Magic Park, with 12,656 spectators.

For the sixth place fell Shazam!, which saw 10,897 people.

Seventh registrant The guilt, the Danish drama that debuted last Thursday. It brought to its 18 rooms 4820 spectators.

Eighth was Captain Marvel, also of Marvel Studios, with 4,311 spectators.

Ninth on the left Pet Sematary, which saw 2,482 spectators. The horror film was one of those that had the biggest fall of audience compared to the previous weekend: 91%.

And closed the top ten of those mentioned Van Gogh at the Door of Eternity, with Willem Dafoe, and his 2,344 spectators.

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