Attention! We tell you how to avoid summer dehydration


Dehydration is common in summer, but attention, high temperatures and low water intake can cause serious problems, and Dr. Scicolone explains how to avoid it.

In summer and in all seasons, it is very important to drink liquids, because this way we avoid dehydration and improve our health, but … to what signs should we pay attention to whether we are going through a similar process?

First of all, we should know that 60% of our total weight is water, relating the amount of water to some of our organs, we can say that three quarters of our brain and heart are represented by water, as well as 83% of our lungs and 31% of our bones also contain it.

But despite these numbers, throughout the day, we lose large amounts of fluid through the urine, sweat or even breathe. O dehydration itself occurs when the total body water produced by the imbalance between the losses of fluids or fluids and their income decreases, that is, that the losses exceed the income.

For this, Dr. Scicolone in a new video of La 100 explains what is the dehydration, what symptoms to watch for and how to avoid it, much more now that we are in the summer and we are affected by the high temperatures.

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