At the moment Kevin Spacey receives a warning from the judge who accused him of sexual abuse


The discredited movie and television star appeared before Nantucket District Court to respond to a sexual assault charge. The next hearing in the case of Kevin Spaceyaccused of sexually assaulting and attacking an 18-year-old boy in 2016 in a bar Nantucket (Massachusetts), will be held on March 4, the trial court announced today.

At the request of the prosecutor, the Thomas Barrett he ordered the actor to stay away and will not communicate "directly or indirectly" with the accuser or his family. He also pointed out that during the development of the process commit another crime, he would be sent to jail for 90 days without bail.

On March 4 Spacey must not appear at the hearing, the magistrate has met a request from the actor's lawyers. He will be represented by his defense, Alan Jackson.

The judge also agreed to a request from Spacey to preserve the cell phone data of the victim and a third person during the six months following the alleged attack. Spacey's lawyer said there is data "Probably excusable" by his defendant.

Spacey and his lawyers abstained from making statements when they left the courthouse, where a crowd of journalists were waiting for them.

His lawyers filed legal documents in December in the county courthouse announcing that the plaintiff would not take the blame.

The alleged case of sexual assault dates back to July 8, 2016, when one of the waiters at Club Car, a bar in Nantucket, He suffered a supposed sexual assault by the famous actor.

According to the young man's complaint, he himself lied about his age, claiming to be 23 years old., and began talking to Spacey in a friendly way.

The waiter explained to the local police that Spacey He bought several alcoholic drinks for him. (The minimum age for drinking alcohol is 21 years), he talked about the size of his penis and repeatedly insisted that the young man return home.

Later, Spacey supposedly He stroked the thigh of the 18-year-old waiter and unbuttoned his pants, rubbing his penis for about three minutes., according to the indictment.

The young man posted a recording of part of the alleged sexual touch on the Snapchat social network and sent his girlfriend the video, which was then verified by the authorities.

Winner of two Oscars for The usual suspects (1995) and American Beauty (1999) and considered one of the best interpreters of his generation, Spacey witnessed the collapse of his career due to the seriousness of the charges against him, which include dozens of allegations of harassment and sexual abuse.


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