Thursday , October 21 2021

Arthur: "I'm praying for Neymar to come back to Barcelona"


O Football Club Barcelona Your main goal is to win again UEFA Champions League after the three consecutive titles that were awarded the Real Madrid in the international competition. For this, the leadership was the protagonist of the market of passes, hiring both young promises of the discipline and experienced players. One of the talents the cast has bought is Arthur Melo, Brazilian pamphlet of 22 years. The former Guild of Porto Alegre He spoke to the Sports World and talked about his situation at Bara.

His first statements had as a reference the changes that his life had after being signed by the Catalan team. "Barcelona has completely changed me, both on and off the field, the media too, the responsibility has increased because I am at the best or one of the best teams in the world, I have become more professional, now better as, for example," assured the native of Goiânia.

In addition, the midfielder spoke of the praise he had as a protagonist as rumors began that he would be hired by Barcelona: "Everyone likes to receive praise and also, I'm happy for these compliments, but I'm sure that it is not Arthur who it makes Bara play, because in the team there are grandsimos cracks ".

In the compliments I received from Lionel Messi, Arthur was excited. "First I thought it was a joke because my father always plays a lot and it was him who told me, I said: Stop, stop playing, he said no, it's true, then go to the computer, first I saw it in writing and then in the video, and then I was very surprised to receive these compliments from the best player in history, for me it was ten minutes of glory, I was blown away, these compliments help me because they give me confidence.Cario always showed me, like the rest of his colleagues " , explained the 22-year-old midfielder.

Finally, the Brazilian palpito the possible return of Neymar for the Blaugrana box: "I personally am praying for him to come because he is a crack, it is indisputable, and I think the best players have the team, a lot better. Personally, I really pray for him to come back, but he has his life, he knows what he's doing and I do not know how deep those negotiations are, whether there are any options for him to come or not, but he's a personal friend and a professional I admire a lot and I'll be very happy if he could come back here. "

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